Foothills Sealcoating

About Foothills Sealcoating

rowdyFoothills Sealcoating is a branch of Foothills Asphalt and Concrete which has been serving Blount and surrounding counties for 30 plus years. We are locally owned and operated which allows us to put our customers’ needs first. We put our name behind every job to ensure the highest quality for our customers.

Rowdy McCall III is the owner/operator of Foothills Sealcoating. He is the son of Bob McCall, owner/Operator of Foothills Asphalt and Concrete. This is a family owned business that puts family and ethical values first. Rowdy McCall III has been exposed to sealcoating for most of his life. He would go out on jobs with his father during summer break when he was a student. Then he became a full time employee and owner/operator for the sealcoating portion of the family business in the last 10 years.

Rowdy McCall has lived in Blount county his entire life. He graduated high school and attends church locally. This is an important factor when customers chose a sealcoating contractor because Rowdy wants to provide every customer with quality affordable work for his community.